WM to Elkins in the 70s

After spending many years modeling the Maryland & Delta Railroad, a proto-freelance railroad, I've decided to model a prototype.  I’ve always loved the Western Maryland Railway.  When I lived in Baltimore, it was one of the hometown railroads and always reminded me of a model railroad: small in size, but classy.  And, the WM ran Fs and Alcos long after other railroads had retired them. The mid-1970s was the time that I did most of my railfanning, and this was a period for rapid changes in railroading.  In a single day, you could see WM, C&O, B&O, Chessie, Rdg, LV, C&NJ, PC, EL, and N&W with just a little effort.  Lashups were varied, big trains were pulled by more than 2 units and they sounded great stomping up those mountain grades!